mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

Città della Scienza

...non so perchè ma questo post mi è venuto in mente "in lingua", non mi azzardo a dire inglese, ma una lingua che certamente non è italiana...

My waking routine has been more or less the same for the past 5-6 years in work-days. And it's quite an old fashioned way, despite all the tech I have lying around at home.

The radio alarm goes off (the very same radio receiver for the past 15 years or so) just before 8 o' clock, and there is usually time for a song, a few commercials (really few, thanks to radiorock), and the news. Cell phone is somethings that happens later, internet even later.

When the time comes, if I am already tolerably awake, I sprint (or better crawl) out of bed  while the song is still playing, reach the other radio receiver in the house (which is as old as the other), and keep listening to the song+commercials+radio in the most mundane room of the house.

If, as oft happens, I feel lazy enough (and I dont need much), I don't come out of bed before the news ends.

And it been either the first or the latter version of the story for the past years, in spite of the three different houses I've lived into.

Yesterday it was definitely gonna be the second version all over again, the I'm-up-after-the-news one. Song is over, commercials are past, up the news, with politics.

And then it's "Incendio alla Città della scienza", just about a phrase or so, and my neural activity fires up to the max. On the phone, on the tablet, off the radio alarm, on the other radio receiver.

As soon as the phone is on, sms to Tiziana and Roberto, "Oddio ma e' bruciata citta' della scienza?!?!?!". 'Cause you know, maybe it was dizzyness, maybe I really was not that awake yet, and, maybe, it really happened but not that serious. While I wait for an answer, the tablet gives me some visuals:

And Roberto's answer: "Si.... Tutto".

Why was I so badly hit by the news?

Città della scienza 10 days ago, under the rain

That's because I visited Città della Scienza for the first time just a few days ago, at the opening of an exhibition that especially Roberto and Tiziana put a lot of effort into to make it possible, during the last 6 months or so.

An exhibit that started from Nansen as an explorer, went through Nobile and the expeditions to the north pole (right off Ny-Ålesund), and arrived to todays research activity.

I was there at the opening and was very happy of it. Not only because it was a very special event, not only for how cool the setting was (and sadly is no more), but mostly because the exhibit was a heck of a cool one! The splendid collaboration with the norwegian Embassy made it possible to have some instruments and some sampling bottles of Nansen himself - with the real and original sampled water still inside!

There was the original diary in which Nobile took notes of his journey to the north pole, open at the page with the phrase "Siamo al polo".
Siamo al Polo

And what makes it feel a lot worse, is that the day before yesterday, all the talk was about how well it turned out, that the "premiere" was a success, the news was all over the press.

The first week was over, with all the small adjustments and tweaks to make the exhibit better and better.

It was the time of the "what will we do next", "what'll the next year's exhibit be like", "where will we take the exhibit next".

But now none of that is anymore. The overall exhibition all burned down, together with the building which hosted it. Together with the jobs of 160 people.

All of it with the pain that for norwegian people, instead of the great work behind the scenes to put together the beautiful exhibit, this will be the day that someone from Naples burned down part of their history.

And all of a sudden the future tenses turned into to present, it is not the next year we talk about, it's today and tomorrow, it's not where we will take the exhibit to next, is how to help Città della Scienza make it anew...

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  1. Si tratta chiaramente di autocombustione, succede spesso al sud e nei luoghi con alto valore di mercato immobiliare dove, al posto di meravigliose costruzioni tipo punta Perotti, abbiamo dei lugubri e inutili ruderi o fatiscenti ex-fabbriche piene di vecchie cianfrusaglie.

    W l'ItaGlia